Ombre Adjustable Rope Leash, Black

Our Ombre Adjustable Rope Leashes are hand dyed in the most gorgeous colors. Each is expertly crafted in New York by Found My Animal from US manufactured marine-grade rope and solid brass hardware and they age beautifully.

Leashes are hand spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull and the ends are "whipped", which is an old nautical term, for additional durability. Fixed on the ends are solid brass lockable carabiners designed for additional safety.

A percentage of each sale from the rope collars and leads goes to support animal welfare charities. Peace, love, adopt!

The Adjustable Rope Leash is 7 feet in length, and can be worn as a standard leash, around the waist, as a cross-body or used as a tie-up.  

  • Small:      7' length, 66mm thickness, 5-12 lbs.
  • Medium: 7' length, 8mm thickness, 12-30 lbs.
  • Large:     7' length, 12mm thickness, 35+ lbs.

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